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Cancellation of Boil Water Notice

On 02/10/2017 you were notified of the need to boil/disinfect all tap water used for drinking and cooking purposes.

The Big Basin Water System in conjunction with the State Control Board, and/or Santa Cruz County Local Enviromental Health Jurisdiction. has determined that through abatement of the health hazarard and comprehensive testing of the water, YOUR WATER IS SAFE TO DRINK. It is no longer neccessary to boil your tap water or for you to consume bottled water.

For More information call:

Water Utility contact Jim Moore 831-338-2933

State Water Control Board 831-655-6939

Local Enviromental Health Jusisdiction 831-454-2022


 As of May 2016

There are no water restrictions for Big Basin Water Company.

Thank you all for all your patience

during all this

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